Orion Connection

Orion Connection

I’ve always been reluctant to invest much time in self-published novels, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I decided to take a chance on Orion Connection — the first installment in independent author S DeGiorgio’s “The Legends Trilogy” — and let’s just say that I learned a very valuable lesson. 

Orion Connection didn’t just defy my expectations; it absolutely annihilated them.

Scifi Gazette Book Review March 2016


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Very cute holiday story! A family of kind pirates forged together by the kings command to deliver Christmas warmed my heart. I hope lots of pirate themed holiday parties to be inspired by this book!

Paara (Amazon.com review)

A cute children’s story that is creative and entertaining, I can’t wait for my grandsons to visit and read it with them. Lots of story elements that attract readers, both young and old(er).

Customer (Amazon.com review)

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